There is More in You (2)

Life is the ultimate school, don’t float through it.
Kanayo Aniegboka –kani-

I came across an interesting bit of information recently; it claimed that a shark grown in a small aquarium could remain as small as a measly 6inches at maturity while the same shark left in the open sea could grow to about 8feet. Imagine that world of difference! I also came across a counterargument which says that the aquarium size will not stunt the sharks’ growth but will affect its health and cause premature death. Well, same difference if you boil it down to one point – the environment means a lot to the survival of the shark. This phenomenon illustrates the first lesson in our journey with Simba and Mufasa (read previous post to catch up), which is, ‘Environment’.

There are two kinds of environments we live in, the internal and the external; the internal is our mind while the external is the world around us – everything we see and touch. Of the two, I believe the internal is far more important than the external, although for maximum success and productivity both ought to be developed.

I am ultimately interested in the mind because I believe who we are and the life we eventually experience largely depends on the state of our minds. The Good Book wisely summarises it like this, “as a man thinks, so is he”. I think our minds are like those unfortunate sharks whose growth and development depends on the size of their aquarium. If you would strive to become more than you already are, like Mufasa enjoins, you must begin by examining how the environment of your mind could affect this growth:

1.      Is your mind large enough to allow you grow to your maximum capacity or is it constrained by limiting beliefs and decapitating ignorance? Is there room enough in you to learn, process, and receive new information? 

2.      Is the environment of your mind conducive for your development and growth? Like plants need sunlight, carbon(IV)oxide, water, and nutrients to grow, your mind needs information, knowledge, passion, exercise, hope, encouragement etc. to be nurtured and to expand.  

3.      Are there things poisoning your mind and making positive growth to be impossible? Just like land or water can be poisoned by toxins and become detrimental for plant or aquatic life respectively, some things could be poisonous for the mind also. Some of them are: erroneous/harmful information, negative/repressive association, decapitating belief systems etc. Anyone or anything that does not leave you better and hopeful is damaging to you. We must detox our minds of them regularly.

Here are some ways, not exhaustive, but essential to help you create the right environment for the growth of your mind:

1.      Read, Watch and Listen: Make it a habit to read books, watch and listen to messages, documentaries and even intelligent entertainment. There is nothing that builds and expands the mind like reading informative texts. A note of warning though: it’s important that you read, watch and listen to the right stuff – only the things that will educate, inspire and motivate you to grow. 

2.      Log life: life is the ultimate school, don’t float through it. In those days, when I was in the University, we had a saying, ‘don’t just pass through the university; let the university pass through you’. I do think that you can learn more simply by being observant to your surrounding for a year than you would learn just from the classroom in four years. From now on, intentionally log the things that happen around you, observe what works for others so you can replicate them, and note the things that don’t work so you can avoid those.  

3.      Have models, mentors and teachers: In every area of life there are others who are both ahead and more successful than you. Believe me; they know stuff you don’t. Learn from them directly or indirectly; copy what they do, you’ll discover that in practicing them you’ll discover your own true uniqueness.   

There is a lot of greatness in you! Mufasa and I would love to see it manifest. So begin to consciously take care of your mind; watch what goes into it – not toxic or disbelieving stuff but empowering and encouraging information, and watch the real you emerge.  

From Simba and me, “There’s more in You”.
Have a great life Y’all!

Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.

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