Let's pull out the Talons - How to be Successful

It’s not about the game; it’s the grit and resilience that men and women apply in any field because they desire to succeed.
Kanayo Aniegboka –kani.

For the past two weeks and a half, I’ve been in the most gruelling boot camp of my entire life. I had the misfortune of accepting an invitation to join a group of writers for a conference.  The aim was to write a drama series with a definite message, which would be broadcast on radio across the country. A dozen of us have been holed up indoors, working a minimum of twenty hours a day, living on coffee and aspirin, trying to create a masterpiece.  Even though it was a time spent in hell, I could not have started the year on a better note.

I’ve had my share of very tedious and strenuous deadlines before, so I’m no stranger to hard work, but this kind of drill I thought was reserved for the military or football players and those in the field of contact sports; not writers and artists of every kind, but boy was I wrong. We’ve been drilled to the bone, and the facilitator a seemingly nice fellow when I met him earlier was revealed to have sadistic tendencies and when his humane side wants to get the better of him, decides to tell us the story of the eagle pulling out its beak and talons to revive its youth (cheap shot, boss).  At the end of the long hours I understood a principle that would help me, and I’m hoping you as well, succeed in anything I choose to do. Hard work has nothing to do with field, game or interests; it has everything to do with the hunger, appetite, craving, yearning, and desire to succeed, to be excellent in anything you are doing.

 Who would put so much into producing a radio drama? When people are rolling out whole movies in less than ten days (which is why we have the crap we do, all over the place #throwup), the answer is, it’s the person who wishes to be excellent, to produce a work that is as flawless as humanly possible, and sometimes even beyond; because it always shows in the quality of the product. I heard a funny quote by warren Buffet recently it says “some things just takes time to happen, you cannot produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant”. I have realised that it does not matter which area or field of interest you choose to play in, it takes excruciating work to succeed. Every field of interest has the bottom rug, average players and the high flyers, and the secret is; it takes the same amount of work to be a high flyer in any field you choose. If you choose a field because it’s easy, you’re mistaking, you would end up being in the bottom rug. It takes ardent work to be the best, whether you’re learning to be a pilot or to be a carpenter. It may be easier to become a carpenter than a pilot (arguable), but it takes the same amount of work and diligence to be the best carpenter ever as it is to be the best pilot.

 You need to understand that I’m an accidental writer. I got into writing as a side hubby because some great people that love me convinced me to do it. Today it’s my voice and I can sing, but still, you can imagine my shock at the amount of work I saw at this conference. Now I have my facilitator’s voice in my head, “let’s push on”, “make it tighter”, “come on people let’s do this”.

 Even though my new year’s message has come late, I’m glad I have the right one for you. This year, it’s not about where you find yourself, it’s about how much you’re willing to invest in it. Rid yourself of the easy life mentality, and push on. Give what you’ve got all you’ve got and you’ll get there. I don’t care what you do this year, just be the best at it.  

Give what you’ve got all you’ve got.
Kanayo Aniegboka-kani 

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.

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  1. Hi Kanayo,

    It's a pleasure connecting - and I must tell you straight off that your piece struck a chord. Strange that I had an earnest discourse with my wife a few minutes ago about the same theme - just that my choice of words were different.

    I was wondering (as usual) how it would take me 3 whole months of working daily just to craft a 'simple' 62 paged eBook. Our conclusions were the same as yours: EXCELLENCE - and a burning desire to be the best.

    Nothing less.

    Do have a great day...I love your 'gospel!'

    Akaahan Terungwa