Why I Love Christmas

I made an amazing discovery today, a eureka kind of discovery. Yea, I know you’re probably muttering right now, “Kani you’re always having eureka moments, get a grip”, but the truth is, life is enjoyable when you have a lot of these moments.  Anyway, this eureka happened yesterday while I was driving back home at about 11pm, (don’t ask me where I was coming from), and the air smelt of Christmas. It was so strong and overwhelming that my heart nearly burst with excitement. I found myself whispering “I love Christmas”.  Being the critical mind that I am, I asked myself “what is so special about Christmas?” This thought wiped the smile off my face and had me pondering deep in thought. You’d have to understand that personally at the moment, I didn’t have the kind of money that makes Christmas what I would like it to be. I have critical deadlines that must be met before the year ends and a host of other things that normally could deprive me of the kind of excitement I was having, but irrespective of it all, I was happy, because it’s Christmas. Why? Christmas is just a date on the calendar, it’s just a day in the week, the sun doesn’t take a break nor does the moon shine green instead of a clear white, it’s just like every regular day, but yet special. So what makes it that? Why, irrespective of circumstances that do not allow for fun does it still feel special? What differentiates it from any other day?  

As I was driving up the freeway, it felt like a driveway into heaven, all the trees were lit up from trunk to apex, the effigies adorning the major road junctions in the city shone bright with every manner of artistic creativity. Stores, offices and corporate organisations were not left out, each aiming to be more elaborate, more attractive and more colourful than the other. Entering establishments, you’d be met by smiling receptionists dotting Santa hats or elf skirts, you’d hear surround speakers emitting carols that take over the ambience, there’d be wrapped hampers stashed at every corner. Come on! There’s only so much resistance to happiness that the human mind can sustain.   

Have you realised that it’s how the food tastes that you’re more interested in?  I once went to a Chinese restaurant that was recently opened, everything was awesome and the presentation was impressive until I took a bite of what was served. You have to understand, I love food and I can be pretty adventurous especially when meat is involved, but whatever it was that those Chinese brothers served me that day didn’t agree with my palate at all, it took all my manners and etiquettes not to have spit all over the table. That made me realise that it’s how stuff tastes that makes us enjoy it, not the garnishing or the elaborate way it was presented. Christmas has a taste.

I am very fashion conscious, not the knee length skin-tight trousers and singlet adorned with a towel around the neck kind of crazy, but the cool, calculated, colour blending, fabric comfort, shape fitting kind of cool. I realise my fashion sense rewards me with attention everywhere I go because, looking good is good business. How you dress sets the mood for you wherever you go, it goes a long way to determine how people relate and respond to you and it helps you make an impression. Christmas has a look.

Royalty are humans just like the rest of us; one head, a pair of eyes, legs and all, but there’s always something different in the presence of royalty, you feel the sense of pride and prestige, the awe and glory. Another instance, when you are in the loving arms of the love of your life, it’s the greatest feeling on earth. You feel an awesome sense of security, in a world full of battles, “I’m safe here”. Relationships are made by combinations of attributes, and are defined by how they make you feel; fear, pride, security, safety, powerful…. Christmas has a feel.

One of the few contradictions I have in my personality is that I love heavy beats when it comes to music, my friends’ say I don’t look it. When I park my car, you usually expect to see a tattooed-covered gangster step out of the bass pounding interior and not me. The language of the soul is sound and I believe that the heartbeat of life is found in music; happy, sad, joyful, depressing, courageous… you can always feel life in the beats or the sounds of melody and rhythms; that’s the power of sound. Christmas has a sound.

I love the smell that arrests me once I enter the mall, the food court happens to be close to the entrance and the smell of  combined goodness hits you once you get through the door. Baked, cooked, smoked and life, every kind of food type is represented, it is the smell of satisfaction, of goodness, of fulfilment. It is the smell of Christmas

Christmas is that one time in the year when the grouch smiles, the depressed dances, the cynic believes, the outcasts are welcome, the lost come home, sins are forgiven, fences are mended and for a few days, we are not white or black, rich or poor, sane or mentally challenged, at Christmas we’re all simply human.  

I saw a video on Facebook yesterday about some rich guy in the United States who gave money to the police to go out in the streets and share to people. When the police sight an approaching beat-up car, they pull it over, and when the driver is about to ask what their offence was, the police officer hands over a hundred dollar bill and says “a present from secret Santa for you”, and then walks away. The individual is left shocked and in tears. Irrespective of how surprising it looks and feels, we can accept it because it’s Christmas, because at Christmas, all things are possible.  Merry Christmas Y’all!

Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young/FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.

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