My Childhood Companion

 We were acquainted but never introduced,
We met at the playground at the street corner,
And again under the tree behind our old brown house with the leaking roof and scary creaking doors
You were also there when my friends came to play
But sometimes you left with them as they ran off to their mother’s yell from broken windows

I never saw your face or touched your hands
But I recognised you whenever you came
I knew you even though I couldn’t see you
I saw you in Amaka’s eyes; you sparkled like the reflection of Abaga stream in a quiet afternoon
You were there in Tony’s laughter; ringing out like St. Patrick’s bell from its tower
I felt you in my chest; beating like Onyema, the crazy man’s drumming
Loved you even though I couldn’t touch you
Wanted you even though I couldn’t always have you
The adults seem not to know you; you weren’t there in their eyes nor did I hear you in their laughter
They must have lost touch with you,
Or could it be they never met you? 
I saw the envy as they watched us play
Though I felt sorry for them, I could never share you

Today as I remember my childhood, I realise you made all the difference
Bare feet in the mud, tree climbing and tyre chasing, dancing naked in the rain with Nancy, playing house with Tolu, building blocks with Uche
It was you who made it mean so much
You made everything look better, smell better and taste better
Even the rumbling of my hungry tummy was quenched when you came
Now I am those adults, I watch the children play in front of my big white house,
And I know you are with them
I see you in their eyes and I hear you in their laughter
I would give anything to meet you again,
To be in a relationship with you again
My childhood companion, JOY  

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.

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