Sunday Lunch (Week 10)

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“You know Rev. Wisdom says it every day, you don’t have to give in to the pressure, you must stand and fight for what you know is right, it definitely won’t be easy, but if you fall for it, you will regret it in the end and the problem you thought it would solve will end up not being solved.”

“But Aunty it can be so hard” Resolve whined, rolling the spaghetti with her fork, eyes on the plate. She had been rolling and unrolling the pasta like the wheel of a watch, since her mentor aunty Comfort started talking. She was sure her frustration was showing on her face.

“My darling I know it is” aunty Comfort cooed, leaving her plate to hold Resolves free hand, “believe me I know how hard it is, but much more than that, I know how painful it can be when you give in”

Something in aunty Comfort’s voice made Resolve look up sharply, just to notice that aunty Comfort’s eyes had started to mist.

“Aunty now!” Resolve pleaded covering Comforts hand with hers. “it’s not like that”

“No, no, it is my baby” Comfort drew in a very deep breath; “I think I need to tell you my story” she pulled her hand from Resolve’s and looked up as she remembered. “I was barely 18, in my first year at the university” she drew deep breaths as if she was in pain.

“Aunty, are you sure you are up for this?” Resolve asked, worried.

“Yes I am, I think it’s overdue,” Comfort replied and continued “I lived quite the sheltered life you know, so you could say I was a bit naive when I entered the campus and was in no way prepared for the onslaught I received. They came at me like bees”

“Haba aunty, and I’m sure you were hot too” giggled Resolve

“Not only was I hot, I had just come back from a two-year stay in the UK, that’s why I was even getting into school that late in the first place. Anyway, for sure I wasn’t falling for any of the fussing as you can be sure of, but that was before I met Slick. Slick was the ultimate guy code, tall, gentle and easy on the eyes and above all, he didn’t gawk at me like he wanted to have me for breakfast. He was different in every sense of the word”

“That is the kind of guy I’m looking for now aunty”, Resolve cut in clasping her hands to her chest rolling her eyes dreamily.

Aunty Comfort smiled at her, gradually getting back her composure, “You had better be sure of that. Anyway, he was in his final year, a member of one of those popular confraternities and a very social guy. All the girls on campus wanted a piece of him. At first, he visited regularly to help me with school work and social activities cause I was too shy to go anywhere on my own, then he started showing me off to his friends and comrades as his little wife. It was all very innocent.”

Noticing Resolve had stopped eating for a while, aunty Comfort looked at the spread on the table; spaghetti with meatballs, coleslaw, fried chicken and fruit salad and she looked at Resolve, “I hope you are not done eating?” she asked “Patience and her crew are not around to eat any of these, so we can’t waste them”

“Aunty, how can you stop this juicy gist to talk about food?” Resolve wimped “I promise to finish everything, just don’t stop the story”

“Ok” aunty Comfort laughed “as I was saying, we became quite an item on campus and everyone called me Slick’s girl. When it was getting close to the end of the academic year, he started suggesting that I gave him a parting gift that he’ll never forget, and when I ask him what, he’ll always say ‘you know’”

“That doesn’t sound good,” Resolve said sitting up with a suspicious look on her face “what happened then?”

“As part of their graduating dinner, his confraternity had a party, it was a mega event, the whole school was talking about it. I would never have gone for such an event, but not only did I trust Slick, I also believed he was my ultimate protector, and that if anyone tried to mess with me, he will be there to save me”

The pain in aunty Comfort’s eyes was like the pulsating throb of a gaping wound, it made Resolve very uncomfortable, she was no longer sure she wanted to hear the story; she hated seeing this very vulnerable side of her mentor. 

“Aunty you know you really don’t have to tell me about this, I was just a little confused and you have already helped me with the advice you gave”

The blank look in aunty Comforts eyes told Resolve that she neither heard her nor was she ready to stop.

“At the party” she continued, “I hung unto Slick, I was so uncomfortable, but I hung unto him and when he gave me a glass of punch to drink, I didn’t think twice before downing it. That’s when everything started dancing, not just the people on the dance floor, but the chairs and tables too. I regained consciousness at the back of the male hostel, it was 3am and I could barely move. The sticky wetness between my legs was the answer to why I found it painfully difficult to walk. I never really knew what happened that night, rumours spread through the school, the frat boys were boasting that they all had me in turns as a parting gift to them from Slick the great, others said it was just a rumour that, it was just Slick. Either ways, I was pulled out of the school, and 2 months later aborted the baby I was not sure who owned. I never heard from Slick; never saw him after that night.”

“What in heaven’s name is going on here?” 

Between Resolve’s loud sobs and aunty Comforts weeping as she narrated, they didn’t hear Grace enter the house, she stood, mouth agape, staring at the two crying women, her handbag at her feet.

“Please someone should tell me what is going on, Did someone die?

To be continued next Sunday...


Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.

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