Sunday Lunch (Week 9)

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The triplets always sat together, it was frustrating enough that they dressed and talked alike; they played pranks by confusing people with their identity. Today, in matching black pants and white shirts, they had decided to wear different colours of blazers; the problem now was, who was wearing what?

“The elusive treasures of life” Rev Wisdom shouted into the microphone, “the very reason we cheat and steal and kill, our reason for not loving our brothers and sisters, the reason we deny the faith, just because we wish to enjoy life. We accrue more and more wealth, and yet we get more and more empty; we search for satisfaction through all sorts of means, but we never get near. We dance hard at parties, laugh loudest at jokes and smile from ear to ear in family pictures, because we are trying so hard to hide how totally miserable we truly feel”

“Mehn the Rev is hitting hard this morning” Foresight whispered to Hindsight sitting by his left.

“Shhh” scolded Insight from his right. Older by a whooping twelve minutes, he always considered himself the leader of the pack.

“But it’s true” whispered back Hindsight, “look at Uncle Rich, he looks like a frog that swallowed a bug, it must be choking him. I’m really enjoying this service, God I’ve missed this place joor.    

As the last part of Rev. Wisdom’s sermon soaked in like early morning dew soaking up dry clothes hanging on the line, the entire church was as silent as a graveyard.

“You cannot find life searching for life; life finds you while you’re searching for God and purpose. How? By doing the things that God requires. One day you will look around and discover that you have found life, you will be happy and fulfilled, you will eat and get satisfied. The king in the book of Ecclesiastics ended by saying ‘this is the whole duty of man, to worship God’ and Jesus said, ‘seek yea the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added to you.”

Rev. Wisdom peered at the congregation from above his glasses. He saw heads nodding and some mumbling words of prayer, he knew that his message had been heard. He asked everyone to rise to their feet and he led prayers with an earnest satisfaction.

Later that afternoon, Rev. Wisdom walked into the dinning room and smiled with pride at two of his boys already seated at the table “How did you guys find service?” Rev Wisdom asked as he took his place at the end of the table.

“It was very cool” volunteered Insight, “Hindsight said your sermon was a personal attack on Uncle Rich, that he must have done something to you”

“Woah!” shouted Hindsight stepping into the dinning room just as his name was mentioned “I never said that. I just said that the man looked really uncomfortable.” He turned to their mother entering with a covered heavy chinaware, “Mummy see how Insight lies with my name”

“Stop lying with your brother’s name” Knowledge playfully rebuked Insight as she dropped the bowl and beat him with the towel she was clutching on her hand. “Meanwhile, come and help me bring out the food” she said touching Foresight who was buried in a book waiting for food.

“Mummy!” he whined, “send Hindsight, he is the youngest”
“But you are my favourite” Knowledge cooed

“In that case” Foresight replied jumping to his feet, a wide smile on his face as he followed Knowledge back into the kitchen.

It always amused Rev Wisdom how his wife managed their sons even with their high IQ and witty ways. She was really a master, that woman. He smiled and turned his attention to Hindsight.

“So why do you think it was a personal attack?”

“But dad, I didn’t say it was a personal attack. Mummy have you seen the trouble this young man has caused, I told you and you were taking it lightly”

“So what do you think is most important for a successful life” the Rev now asked looking at three of them.

“I think” Foresight starts from the doorway, cutting off Insight who was just about to talk, “I think the most important thing one needs is a clear picture of the future. Or the future you want”

“And why do you say so?” asks the Rev.

“Because if you don’t have a picture, you are blind, anything you do achieve will be accidental because you didn’t aim for them. A vision is the reason you wake up in the morning, it is what drives you.”

Knowledge entered carrying a tray of plates. She placed them on the table carefully.

“It’s important, but I disagree that it’s the most important” Hindsight chipped in, opening one dish after another until Knowledge hit his hand from behind. She wagged a finger at him and headed back to the kitchen “Any man that has no idea where he is coming from cannot be said to make progress, no matter how much he achieves. Your history is the bedrock on which you build. Once you have a good grasp of your history, charting a course will be so easy.”

“I read a quote from Real life with kani blog that said ‘the world we live in is not as important as the world that lives within us, we define the world we live in, but the world within us defines us’” Insight paused to allow them time to digest what he just said, “until we are able to look within and discover ourselves, our history and our visions are crippled. That is why Aristotle said ‘man know thyself’, as the key to all knowledge”

“Who called me?” Knowledge called out from the kitchen, making everyone laugh at the coincidence.

“No one called you, it’s just Insight desperately trying to sound smart” Hindsight called back “Meanwhile your name is Mummy or Darling for some people”

Wisdom shook his head at his last son and nodded at Hindsight to continue

“As I was saying, even God created the entire universe in himself first before he said anything.”

“But that is vision” Foresight bangs the table in excitement, “he saw the future he wanted”

“Ho ho but you have forgotten that he could only see that future because he saw the past, a world empty, dark and void” Hindsight nearly screams jumping out of his chair.

Everyone started talking at the same time until Knowledge hit the table with her serving spoon. In their raucous they hadn’t seen her when she re-entered with the last batch of dishes.

“Your father wants to talk and I want to eat, so since I can’t eat until he talks, I don’t want to hear anyone’s voice except his”

“Thank you darling” Rev Wisdom smiled at her and gave Hindsight a dirty look “you guys are all right, your only mistake is that you are trying to divide something that works as one indivisible unit. All three work together, without one, the other two are not quite effective and one cannot be said to be more important than the other because insight gives essence, hindsight gives meaning and foresight gives hope. You always need all three”

“Hear hear!” Knowledge rapped the table again “now can we please eat?”

Wisdom laughed and stretched out his hands, “our Father we thank you for the food before us….”           

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.

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