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Sing o barren woman, thou that didst not bear, break forth into singing, and cry aloud thou that didst not travail with child; for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord"

"Amen" Shouted a  few attentive ones from the congregation.

“So I am here to prophesy today, shout for joy if you’re not married yet, for you shall be married.”

“Amen.” shrilled the congregation waking up from their comatose.

“Shout for joy if you are broke and unemployed for you will get a job and some money in the bank.”

“Amen.” hollered the congregation putting more life to it, with a few people echoing more “amen, amen, amen.” even after everyone else.

“Shout for joy if there is something in your life you have cried about, something that you have prayed for, believed for and hoped for. If there is something you had given up on, and you feel it won’t happen again because it’s too late, I have to tell you to shout for joy because it will happen for you” The Rev was now hopping on one foot, head thrown back like a singer trying to hit a high note.

“AMEN” thundered the congregation. Everyone was now on their feet, the women jingled their tambourines, others clapped, some whistled, all kinds of sounds was heard across the wall.

“Receive it” Rev. Wisdom bellowed, emphasizing on the word ‘it’.

Achievement pushed Rest who was standing beside her at the choir stand.

“I receive o, I receive.”

“Of course you receive” Rest snickered “my question is what you are receiving, because it feels like you are receiving a certain young man sitting at the gallery, whose name starts with F” Rest shouted above the noise into Achievement’s right ear.

“Stop, stop before someone hears you” Achievement said looking about them to see if anyone was listening.

Rev. Wisdom started praying and the two ladies shut their eyes, suspending the tête-à-tête.

Two hours later, Rest set a tray with two raps of eba on the side table of Achievement’s sitting room. Achievement lived in a one-bedroom apartment, so cosy and elegantly furnished. The Kitchen couldn’t take more than two people, but it had the wood designs of a first-class hotel kitchen. Achievement was able to turn her small box of a house into the most comfortable place to be on a hot Sunday afternoon, Rest thought. She had a good sense of style.

“Babe, that your microwave takes forever to heat up, the egusi soup I put in there last year is yet to defrost. Hmm…, Microwave had better be the first thing Favour buys for you when you two start dating.” Rest shouted from the sitting room. Achievement had just stepped out of the bathroom and was dressing up in the bedroom.

“I don’t blame you” Achievement shouted back, “it’s my big mouth I blame; I should have just kept quiet.”

“Ha! It’s because of that your big mouth I’m having lunch with you today o. Please, I shamelessly came to hear about these guys” Rest said and headed back to the kitchen. She came back into the sitting room and placed the bowl of thick egusi soup richly embellished with meat, fish and periwinkles that she was carrying inside the tray with the eba. “Cook this kind of food for Mr Favour” she said to Achievement who was just walking into the sitting room donned in a cute blue boxer shorts and pink tank top “and you’ll have a ring on your finger before he gets to the bottom of the plate.”  

“You are very unserious; I should introduce you to Hard-work, so you can sing all that tension out of him.”

“Would you? Would you?” Rest takes a kneeling position.

They had a good laugh before settling into the soft-padded sofa to reduce the size of the food they had before them.

“On a more serious note” Rest said “tell me about your interview, without violating your professional ethics and stuff, what’s their story.

“My darling” Achievements started “I was really taken by those two, and this has nothing to do with all my crazy talk about Favour. When you hear their story, you’ll be amazed; I cried and cried as each told their own story. There was Hard-work’s very painful struggle to survive, and then Favour’s amazing heart and empathy towards the plight of another. But it’s their working system that amazes me the most. After they started their business at age 17, they set up a system that most people will give their arm to figure out. Hard-work is the engine, while Favour brings all the jobs. Favour’s charismatic jovialness and pedigree opens every door to him, he is the oil that keeps everything flowing, he has connections in every place and with every major link. When they go for meetings and presentation, it’s Favour everyone looks to, he is the one that speaks and boy is he eloquent. Favour is the face of the company. Hard-work is the one that makes things happen in the core, he is the engine. He is methodical, persistent and diligent; he gives life to every opportunity that Favour brings along. Favour gets them pregnant; Hard-work delivers the baby.

“Whoa!” Rest wailed with her hand on her head “wipe image, wipe image, wipe image.”    

“You know what I mean” Achievement playfully slapped her friend’s arm “anyway, that’s there system.  Favour loves Hard-work, and does nothing without him. They are very different people, their personalities strikingly contrast each other, but when combined they are an amazing work engine. Which for me, explains why they are in Forbes Magazine 40 millionaires under 40.

“Ehen, talking of under 40 and all, what’s up with them and getting married?” Rest cut in.

“Oh they are very ready. Hard-work is in a relationship and they’re hoping it will lead to marriage, and Favour,” Achievement pauses to swallow her first ball of eba “Favour is bull’s-eye for every young lady in a 100mile radius. I have found the secret sha, Hard-work adores Favour, but Favour loves Hard-work. So if you want Favour, you need to make friends with Hard-work and that is why I’m having lunch with Hard-work on Monday, to help him arrange some proposals for the government” Achievement winked.

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Rest as they Hi-fived each other.
If you want to have favour, your best chance is through hardwork.
Kanayo Aniegboka (Kani)

Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.

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