Life Booster - Personality Workout (Week 2)

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hi! Are you ready for another exceptional week? Did you have fun with your exercise last week? Do comment and let me know what kind of experiences you had. Thank you Kossy and Chi for sharing your experience with us, hope you guys are still at it.

Again, we have another very easy task. This week’s assignment while building your success attitude, will also build your attention muscle, which is a great asset.


Compliment a stranger.
Totally and completely simple right?


Through the course of your day this week, go out of your way to consciously compliment 5 strangers.  Find something on or about the person that appeals to you and graciously compliment them on it. Don’t forget you have to tell them why. Here’s the trick;

“Hi, I love your tie, it’s really classy”
“Nice hairdo! It brings out your face; you should wear it like this more often”
“I like the way you talk, you have a way with expressing yourself”
“I watched you walk down the driveway, you walk like a model, are you? If not, consider it”


·         Please don’t lie to anyone, don’t tell someone “I love your tie” when you are really thinking “come on who let this guy loose with that thing on his neck?”
·         Whatever you say must be true to you.  
·         Make sure you compliment both male and female.
·         Aim to meet and exceed your target of 5 people a day.


To stretch your Personality Workout continue last week’s assignment as well. Which means you have to say hello to 5 strangers and in addition, compliment 5 others.

So let the fun begin! Do have a tremendous week


Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.


  1. Wowww, dis was a hard exercise to do. I met three people two of them were happy. The third was like ' you said'. Bt it was

  2. Hey Sandra! I know it can seem a little scary at times, but believe me, if you keep at it not only will you start enjoying it, you won't be able to stop.