Life Booster - Personality Workout (Week 1)

Have you ever wondered why the progress you have made in life does not seem to tally with the amount of information you have gathered, both formally and informally. I recently considered the amount of books I have read and wondered why I am not more intelligent than Albert Einstein or more prolific than Shakespeare. In one year, I have written almost a hundred life changing posts, (which I don’t know if anyone reads hence I hardly see comments), but I realise that there is another way that we can catalyse great progress in our lives. It’ll be easy, it won’t take your time at all, and it won’t entail reading through a 1,500 words post.

You ready? Great! Let’s go…

Do you know that?

FACT: The actual progress we make in life does not depend on how much we learn, or the amount of information we gather, but on the activities we engage in as a result of new information. When we introduce a new activity or refrain from old ones because we learnt something new, we expect change, but when we receive information but retain the same limiting activities, no progress is made.

In that case…

ASSUMPTION: It can be assumed therefore that actual change or progress is as a result of activities engaged in. Therefore you can accomplish actual progress in life simply by introducing informed activities into your routine. I guess that’s how you have very successful people who are illiterates; they unconsciously carry out success activities they have not learnt about, while you learn a lot (information gathering) but act on none of them. 

So if I…

Aim: My aim in this section is to bring about tremendous progress in your life by guiding you through very fun, simple, nonintrusive and painless (don’t worry, no sweating in the gym here), and did I mention mad fun? Activities which I believe will bring about a change in you.

 I believe that…

Promise: I promise that if you would have fun with me and go through the exercises, you will notice significant progress in your attitude, relationships, work, health…. Too good to be true?  Then try me, one month money return guaranteed *wink

So will you…?

Process: Every week, I will mention a simple activity that you will engage in, alone or with a partner. All I require from you is to attempt the exercise and comment on your findings or experience, so we can have fun.


Activity: Say Hello to a stranger!

Can you imagine how simple that is?

Method: Through the course of the day, every day this week, starting today, go out of your way and consciously greet 5 strangers (count o). Don’t just say ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’, those are generic, make it personal.

 Wearing a smile like its Christmas morning (you don’t have to walk around with the smile pasted on your face, just smile when you want to say the hello), look your target in the eyes and say something like;

“Hey men, how are you doing, hope you’re having a great day?”
“Hello dear, how’s your day going? It’ll get better from here, I promise”
“Good morning! I’m having a wonderful day, what of you?”
“Good to see you! I hope you’re doing good”
Play with the words; make it as natural as possible.


·         Make sure you wear a smile
·         Do not compliment, just greet.
·         If you are in customer care, your work place/customers don’t count in this activity; choose people outside of your work period, in random places; on your way home, in the mall, waiting to enter the elevator or bank rotating doors.
·         Choose people from all works of life, both male and female.
·         Aim to meet and exceed the 5 suggested subjects every day.
·         Subtly take note of the person’s reaction.
·         Enjoy the experience, have fun doing it.

Won’t that be fun? Ok, let’s give it a try. Remember to share your thoughts and experience by commenting below.

Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.


  1. I tried so many times. I couldn't do it o. I was surprised at how hard it was. I was worried they would look at me strangely.

    1. Lol Chi, I know the feeling, but it's just your mind working against you. You'll be surprised that the reactions you'll get will be more likely positive than negative. On the other hand, it's the positive change that it's making in you that matters so who cares what anyone thinks,right?

  2. Somebody asked if I had lived in the west, that it was very un-Nigerian to greet people that way. I disagreed, the westerns are the worst snobs I know, I studied in the US for a while and I know this first hand but I wasn't going to argue with the poor lady. I love this exercise. After a hard day's work, it was good recreation. The taxi-man cut my fair after I gave my most cheerful greeting yesterday. I've been sad for a while, so thanks.

  3. Great job Kossy! I didn't have that much luck when I started, the first guy I greeted actually checked to make sure I didn't steal his wallet. It got better though and it's just exciting when it makes someone's day. Keep it up.