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It was a usual Sunday morning; I woke up early and went through the dynamics of getting ready for church. In record time I was ready to leave. I was dashing as usual, in an immaculate white shirt, blood red tie and black suit. As I gave my perfectly trimmed afro a gentle pat, I felt like a million dollars. All my pump and flare took a major nose dive as I came outside to discover I had a flat tyre. I could hear the air leaking from my boost, until I felt as deflated as the tyre I was looking at. I looked up and said to no one in particular “I couldn’t just have a perfect day, could I?” I took a deep breath and, because I’m not easily put down, I got rid of my jacket, rolled the sleeves of my white shirt and quickly got to work.

Fifteen minutes later, the car was jacked and the tyre loose. Boldly reaching into the boot of my car, I pulled out the spare tyre with such force that it lifted free of its shackles, narrowly missing giving my white shirt a stain as big as the map of Africa and landed at my feet with an unnatural thud.  Heaving and puffing like the wolf in little red riding hood and sweating like it rained on me, I stared at the tyre in utter disbelief. The spare tyre was flat! I know what you’re thinking; “Kani, you check the spare first before you jack the car!” well I didn’t! For the second time that morning I looked up, “Oh for heaven’s sake” I blurted out, I was very ready to quit.

Is it not amazing that regardless of how a day starts, you seem to live through it? I guess life is like that too, some seasons are like eating chocolate ice cream with yummy gummy bears, while some are like taking a bunch of bitter pills. Nevertheless, whether you are having an ice-cream day or a bitter pill season, success means you must have to keep going in-spite of it. Winston Churchill late British prime minister defined success as “…the ability to go from one failure to another without a loss of enthusiasm.” Life is full of ups and downs, and if you must make it, you must find something or someone that would help you; overcome that moment’s obstacle, get up every time you fall, keep trying after you fail, keep going even though you are burnt out. That is the job of motivation.

Motivation is an energy input you need every day, just the way you need your daily vitamins. Motivation expires with use, which is why Zig Ziglar said “Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” For you to remain relentlessly upbeat and upwardly mobile, you need to be constantly motivated.

You need to take responsibility to find what motivates you; something that inspires you and puts you in the zone to accomplish great things. That determines a large percentage of your success quota, because if you can find it, and always apply it, there’s a greater chance you will make success. Here are a few suggestions: 

·         Listen to a lot of motivational massages and read a lot of motivating books: Some people have a problem with what they call self-help syndrome, but it never hurts to get encouraged. You need to be careful though, because a lot of charlatans and crap are out there entrapping folk so if you want to listen to a good motivational talk or read a good book, ask for recommendations.

·         Discover what puts you in the mood: some people love to work with music, others take a walk to think, some love absolute silence … you need to discover what makes you forget time exists when you work.

·         Seek role models and mentors: when you set someone who has achieved what you want in front of you, or bring someone you respect into your circle, it keeps you reaching for more.

·         Learn to talk to yourself: although a thousand people speak encouraging words to you, it’s nothing compared to the one you give yourself. Be your own best cheer leader; remember my post Are You In Touch With Your Star Player?

·         Always encourage others: be that kind of person that is very free with compliments, find every way to motivate other people. Be quick to applaud a success and slow to judge a failure. You cannot applaud and encourage someone else and remain deflated yourself. Remember the saying “the pipe that supplies water is the first to get wet”.   

Wondering what finally happened that Sunday morning? Well, after I stared at the useless spare for a while, I decided there is only so much a guy can take; I was now as much deflated as I was elated when I stepped through the door. In the mist of the cloud of depression now floating around in my head, the writer in me thought “this would be a good story to tell”, and then when I thought about ending the story by saying “I pulled my tie and went to bed…” I knew it would be a terrible end, so I picked up my phone and called a cab. While I waited for the cab, I went back into the house and changed my sweat soaked shirt and was ready to go when he came. I ended up having a great day that Sunday, like you always do when you don’t let anything stop you, even two flat tyres. 

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.

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