Are You In Touch With Your Star Player?

Star Player
I came to a shocking realisation recently. It doesn’t look like a lot for me to start shouting Eureka! Eureka!, but believe me, it’s a Eureka kind of realisation.  I have come to appreciate that in our very fast, highly motivated and increasingly professional world, where we are getting more and more technical and less and less personal (just stay with me), we are getting to the point where we literally idolize certain gifted people called 'stars'. They live among us, breath the same air, and are prone to death just like the rest of us, but we consider them more than human. You know the people I’m talking about. You have them as the screen savers on your gadgets and follow their every move on twitter and E channel but even the most amazing of these stars don’t achieve success alone, they have what you call a ‘team’.
 I spoke recently to a group about the power of a team, and it was very insightful (I must commend myself). You need to understand that no matter how talented an individual is, without a good team, you would never get the best out of that talent . You cannot imagine how useless I am without my secretary, colleagues or the myriad of excellent personnel that help me do the multitude of things I receive commendation for. 

Whenever I’m watching things like a live music performance, the kind that the late king of pop Michael Jackson used to pull off, I marvel at the magnificent stage, the quality of props, sound and light displays and the amount of technical knowledge that goes into that single presentation and I imagine the number of people that go sleepless for many nights just for that concert to turn out the way it does. I’m talking of people whose names will never be mentioned in the credits or tabloids, whose faces will never appear on the front cover of magazines, but without whom the king of pop would never have been the king of pop.  They are the unnoticed shine in every star’s light, the heat in every hot performance and the colour in every presentation and I do celebrate them. In fact right now a round of applauds please!

Nevertheless, today I am more bothered about a much more important player. Every team has one, and without them, there would be no team. No it’s not the coach, though he is important, it’s not the technical adviser either although I would agree they should be paid more and it’s not the mascot, (I’m sure there is a reason he is on the field, when I figure it out, I’ll let you know). I am talking about the number one player, the brilliant performer, the ‘star player’ the performer around whom the team is built. “Now you are talking Kani” I hear you say, as your mind rushes to footballers, musicians, politicians, actors, … and  the millions of other individuals who have carved out a niche for themselves in one industry or another. If you are a little more meticulous, you would think of the big names in your own industry or area of expertise, and I agree with you, they are all star players, and legends in their own right. 

However today, I am more interested in a player even more important than these, a player so important to you that without him there would be no game for you. That ultimate star player I speak about is none other than ‘YOU’. Oh you had better believe me, because in your world honey, you are your star player. Every other person is only a team member.

Let me break it down, your world revolves around you, not the queen bee in your circle of friends, your office or club. If you understand this concept, you would live better and richer. We live in a world where all our effort is put towards assisting the star player, whether it’s our boss, our team member that scores all the goals or friend who seems to make things happen. You need to understand that in your world, that revolving universe that you map out as your own, that area of influence where your own choices reign supreme, that place that is more real in-between your ears than it is under your feet, there, you are the major hitter, the star around whom the rest of the team gathers.
Let me push it further, in your office where you are the secretary, your boss is only a team member in making you the best secretary in the world. When it comes to your being a secretary, your boss is not the main concentration, he is the side attraction. You are the main hurdler, the main event, the only show that matters. So let me ask again, “Are you in touch with your star player”?  

To succeed in 2014, here are three keys that will help you get in touch with your star player:
See everyone in your circle of influence as team members:  You have to learn how to see the relationships around you as team. The aim of a support team is to provide all the necessary elements and create the right environment for you to succeed. 

Your supporting team members, your staff as it were, includes; your boss, colleagues, friends, pastors, coaches etc. When it comes to your world, your boss is your staff, working very hard to make you the best. “By showering me every day with spittle in the name of yelling at me?" you ask. But see how hard he works, imagine the energy he is putting into yelling at you. So the next time he yells, look at the protruding vein on his neck or forehead and say to yourself, “See how hard he is working for me”. "You're kidding me right?" you say. No I'm not. Same goes for your friends, colleagues, everyone connected to what you do, learn to see them all as supporting staff, and your team.

Know your place in the grand scheme of things:  You must be able to tell were you are located in the overall picture and concentrate on it. If you are a janitor in the bank, it is true that everyone is working together to produce great customer care, but your area of concentration is to make sure that someone can pick food off the toilet floor and eat it without a second thought (eewww! gross! I'm sure you know what i mean). Be in touch with the star janitor before you get interested in the star marketer or the MD. The flip side is, the bank may not win the bank of the year, but the president can visit and be so impressed with the reflection of his face on the floor that he would ask for the janitor and next thing you know, you’re a staff of the white house.

Have complete knowledge of your star player: If I ask some of us anything about our favourite celebrities, I would have a cascade of information, starting from the side of the bed they sleep on to the toothpaste they use, and the first time they kicked a ball. How they got the scar on their left arm, even how they feel just before a presentation and all what not. Yet if I happen to ask the same person about their star player, being themselves, you’ll be surprised that after they tell me their name and age and their favourite food, they come up blank. You have to learn that the most important person in your life is you, and you need to have the most information about yourself. Make sure that before you know everything about someone else, you know all about yourself. You cannot take advantage of strengths you do not know about, or avoid weaknesses you are ignorant of. Take time and discover everything you can about the most important player in your life, YOU!

“To be a good team player to someone else, you have to first be a great star player to yourself “ 
Kanayo Aniegboka.

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a Nigerian born and based minister, public speaker, entrepreneur and life coach. His keen and unique perspective to life issues makes him a refreshing voice to listen to. He currently serves as the Executive Coordinator of House on the Rock - Word House and sits on the board of a number of companies.


  1. Wow!! Bitter truth

  2. Mtchewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!so inapplicable!beautiful right-up though!"I"u" don't matter in d society!maybe in heaven...hahahahahahahahaha

    1. Ona! Ona! Ona! it is very obvious you are not in touch with your star player. You are one of those people that see through society's eyes and judge with society's mind. You are far more important than you think, and you have more influence than you give yourself credit for. If you would try and apply yourself to the principles, you would see they are not as ludicrous as you believe.