Keep Pushing

I just finished listening to a motivational audio broadcast by Soriyan Olakunle titled ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Regardless of the proficient way the presenter elucidated his main point which is to motivate us to reach for greater heights, his rather adept stripping of the concept of class in society left me with such an overwhelming feeling that threatened to incapacitate rather than motivate me. I realize that this is one of the many challenges we experience as upwardly mobile people, and one of the main tricks that life uses to turn astounding potential into dreary failure.
The shocking reality of the uneven distribution of wealth and power, especially in Africa, (though it stares us in the face every day), develops very muscular arms and starts choking you by the neck if you really put your mind to thinking about it. The statistics are as mind blowing as teaching rocket science to primary school pupils (although some of the kids we have these days could probably send a rocket to the moon from their bed rooms). When you hear that 90% of the wealth in a nation is controlled by less than 15% of the population, who pass it from generation to generation, and  fight tooth and nail to exclude all else from their company, you begin to wonder if it makes sense at all. It’s so outrageous that it’s difficult to comprehend. Worse is when you begin to hear about the controlling influence of this fraction of the society on the rest; whether its job creation, policy making, opinion polls, economic diversification ….

This 15% or less, determine from their ivory towers, almost everything that affects you as a citizen. Right down to the fact that after spending hours under the hot scorching sun, hugging tightly to sweating strangers in other not to lose your place in the line, all in the bid to cast your vote and choose your governing leaders, you get to hear that this same faceless percentage chose the people of their desire, in the of leisure of  their penthouses over a cocktail of roasted meat and vintage wine, with no reference  to your vote cast in blood  (so much for the choice of the masses). When you think of the humongous influence exerted on us by the unreachable as they are called, it makes you want to throw up your hands in defeat and ask what all the struggling is for, especially if you are a dreamer like myself, who is not comfortable with the confines of the crammed full bottom, but hunger for the freedom of the spacious top. The shear magnanimity of the oppression threatens to scare you into immobility like the roar of the lion immobilizes the antelope.

It is said that in the African jungle, once the sun rises, everyone starts running, the lion runs and the antelope runs. The lion runs to overtake the antelope to eat and stay alive, the antelope runs to outrun the lion and not be eaten so it can stay alive. If we are to succeed in this time, we must learn to shut our ears to the roars of the lion that tries to immobilize us. We must look at history, to the few who irrespective of overwhelming odds, did succeed in life, because ladies and gentlemen I have news for you, in the African jungle, lions still die of hunger and antelopes still get away to live another day. Let us daily consider those who made it to the top of their industries, who became leaders and people of influence through persistence, faith and hard work. God is still on the side of the underdog.  Let us learn the true meaning of success and quit subscribing to the suffocating illusions propagated by our enslaved masters. Let us continue to push beyond our present horizon, seek true and lasting success and fight for personal freedom.

 A quote from my new friend Soriyan Olakunle “The defense of our personal freedom does not begin with the happenings in our environment, but with the happenings in our conscience”. Let us rise above the whining of the incapacitated majority and take up the responsibility and attitude of the favored minority. For when life cannot scare you anymore, it submits to you.  
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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.


  1. Hmmm..... Word! Hearing no more roars, and not just staying alive, but living to make a difference despite the odds.

  2. That's the spirit comfort, if you concentrate on moving stones daily, before you know it, you would have moved mountains.

  3. A very lovely piece here I must say. Couldn't have ended it any better than you have done.
    A great man once admonished everyone that cared to read his book to "begin with the end in mind". The problem is, we seem to choose ends here on earth and totally forget about the end towards which we are all heading. Believe or not, we cannot separate whatever it is that is going on this earth from the spiritual aspect of things. Ask yourself, what/when is the real END?

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