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 Someone asked a debatable question which will help us learn a little more about the nature of success. The question was, “When superstars who have tons of money and great accomplishments (songs, companies, clothing lines, movies) to their names, end up tragically either by committing suicide, or becoming drug addicts or clinically depressed, would we consider them no longer successful even with their great accomplishments?”

  •  Success is holistic while achievements can be segmented
Folk tend to mix-up being a success with making achievements. Making lots of money, releasing your album, or winning an Olympic gold medal are all achievements. On their own, these achievements cannot make you a success because achievements are segmented while success is holistic. Achievement has to do with a particular part of a person’s life, while success has to do with the whole of a person’s life. Beginning to get the picture? For you to be truly successful, you have to record peace in the major areas of your life; health, family/relationship, business/ carrier, finance etc. Notice I said record peace, not notoriety or great achievements, but peace, happiness and contentment.  Because of our single focus nature as human beings (although they claim women can be multi-focused. I really don’t know) we make the mistake of focusing on one area of our lives, to the detriment of other areas. So we have very wealthy business-people who can’t go home at night, because you can find more peace in the Middle East than in their homes, or razor sharp intellectuals with no faith, successful statesmen who abuse their children, the list goes on and on.  For success to be truly success, you must be able to find happiness and peace, if not in all, then in most areas of your life. Having exaggerated accomplishment in one area of your life does not make you a success. 

 Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals.
Paul J. Meyer

  • It’s never free, it has a price
Success must be worked for. Inherited money must be sustained and multiplied. A good name must be maintained. Health, relationship, career, faith, finances, all must be seriously worked on if you will enjoy any relationship anywhere. There is no free lunch in Freetown. If you must eat or in this case enjoy success in life, or any part of it, you must be willing to:

1. Work for it: Energy and time must be given to the achievement of your desired life. If you want to be healthy and trim, you cannot just wish it, you must work it. You must eat right, go to the gym and workout. If you want to rise in your place of work, you must improve yourself, study, go on courses, bring more value to your organization (or just become drinking buddies with your MD). If you have a dream, work it, work on it, and work at it!

2. Pay the price: In economics, there is something called ‘opportunity cost’. In simple terms it means ‘what you must give up to get what you want’. A book that cost seven dollars means you have to part with seven dollars in other to go home with the said book. Every success has a cost; something you must give up in other to achieve what you desire. The cost of doing well in the professional exam is spending less time with the guys and sleeping less, so you can read more. The cost of being able to fit into that slim-fit suit you want to wear for the wedding where all your class mates will be at, is to lay off all junk food and hit the gym everyday whether you feel like it or not. Success calls for delayed gratification, and a lot of discipline. If you are struggling to succeed, there is something you are unwilling to give up to get what you want. Count the cost, and if your desire is worth it, then let go of the opportunity cost. Your success has a cost, be willing to pay it!

 The elevator to success is out of order, but the stairs are always open
Zig Ziglar

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