Mummy promised me a surprise,
I’m so excited I could not sleep,
It has never been more of a joy to rise
As it is today that I would not weep,
I lay in the dark dreaming,
Of this awesome gift I shall be learning.

The sun is up, I must be dreaming,
I run out all joy and shouts, screaming,
Waiting for whose honor it is to give me,
The promise of the gift I had been waiting.

It’s a celebration I can see it,
A party? A party! I can feel it,
Mummy is dressing me in my Sunday best, I can see it,
This must be a million in one gift, I can feel it,
I can no longer contain myself, I must have it.

I am led out amidst the prying eyes of the gathering,
Dressed like a Christmas goat, it’s disheartening,
I am led to a fat fearful looking grizzly bear,
While I was hoping for a teddy bear,
What an irony life turned out to be,

 For I was hoping for an awesome gift,
But instead it turned out I am the gift.                          

By kanayo  Aniegboka
In honor of every child forced into marriage. 

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.


  1. Quiet sad! can't we all do this in unison? maybe send a letter signed by over 5million nigerian youths to unicef and united nations.

    It almost looks like 5year olds fighting a giant.i imagine them sitting back and laughing at our kicks and punches that feels more like caresses. I have to throw my biggest punch no matter how softly it lands.
    I Jedidiah muoka lends my voice :SHE IS A CHILD NOT A BRIDE

  2. Thank you Jedidah,our individual punches may appear weak, but when collected, when everywhere you turn its the same thing you hear, someone would eventually take note.

  3. Naza jasmine Onyia24 July 2013 at 21:26

    Great piece sir, hope you don't mind if I copy this. Have got to share dis till it gets to both d senators and UN

  4. Nice one K,first I think that those 35 monsters that voted and supported this ill and sickneing motion in the first place should all be sacked.what an embarrassment they are?May God have mercy on them and keep protecting our babies.