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The Jewish people believe that successful people are either professionals or entrepreneurs, and I think I agree with them. I sincerely believe everyone can do business in one way or the other. The fact that you can manage your life (as crazy as it is), navigating between alternative choices and scarce resources and still make a successful living out of it, means that you are a guru in doing business. The very nature of life makes us all good business people .You may argue that not
everyone can make a living through buying and selling goods, but according to Scottish author Robert Stevenson, “everyone lives by selling something”. The doctor sells physical treatment, architect sells building blueprints, teachers sell knowledge and motivational speakers sell self esteem highs, fairy tale dreams and colossal visions. Business is what makes us enjoy living; the very nature of exchanging what we have, for what we want, better still, exchanging what we have, for something of more value than what we have. That's what makes us grow and increase. When we begin to see life as an ongoing business transaction, we will become more strategic in our dealings (Time, Strength, Work, Friends...).  We need to realize that every resource we have is a potential good or service, or at least raw material for the production of some good or service.

To have a comfortable life (the kind we all want), you must have more than one source of income, irrespective of your level or qualification. Some folk believe that you have to be rich or well connected to develop multiple streams of income, but that is untrue.  You can begin to work on multiple streams of income without straining yourself and without much capital. You just have to learn the principles that guide business and the art of making money (love the sound of that). 

I will give us four points that I’m sure we may have heard before, but remember it’s not about hearing them; it's what we do with them. I consider them the foundation of successful business.

DISCOVER THE NEED: Business is about meeting needs. You must be able to meet a need in someone’s life before the person will be willing to part with their valuables (unless you have a gun and a hood on your face). A lot of the times, you discover needs by either helping people out or being very observant. After helping scores of people with their challenges in starting up businesses and putting up good plans (just for the fun of it), I realized I can start a consulting firm. I’d be doing the same thing, just that now it’s a business and I can make a few bucks, not just an appreciative “God bless you”. Therefore whether it’s a child crying all night, or time wasted on traffic going to the mall, or a nuisance coworker, every problem is an opportunity for business. Learn to look around you and see what challenges people are facing and ask yourself; A. Can I do something to alleviate the problem? B. If I can’t, do I know someone who can so we can partner?  Although these are not the only ways to discover a business, but it sure is a tested and trusted means.
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TURN THE NEED INTO BUSINESS:  There is the question of discovering a need, and then the totally different matter of making a business out of it. ‘Business is the buying and selling of products and service in order to make money’, so you are faced with the question, how do I make money out of this? The answer is, once you can design your idea so someone is ready to part with their money to get the solution or service you offer, you are in business (whether it’s a successful business is another issue altogether).  
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NEGOTIATE THE PRICE: In life you don’t get what you want, you get what you negotiate. You have to learn how to package and sell what you have.  The value of your product, considering you must make a profit, must be more than what it cost you to produce it (or you won’t make a profit), but less or equal to what the buyer is willing to pay for it (or else you won’t make a sale). The key to increasing the value of your product after you have created good merchandise is your packaging. The better the package, the more it’ll be valued (this is beyond the colorful wrapping; it is the entire presentation of the business). Your big challenge of figuring out how to turn your solution into a business lies in the packaging. It will amaze you to know how much finance companies invest in packaging their products just to convince the customer that the product is the worth purchasing  (all in the bid to get into our pockets).
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SELL WITH CONVICTION: Market price is a compromise between the seller and the buyer and it seldom has anything to do with the true value of the product. After you have packaged your service or your product, you must convince the buyer who is unwilling to part with their money, that they will get greater value in your product than they will have by withholding their money. To convince someone about your product, you best be convinced about it yourself, because the greatest power to convince is conviction itself. 

In as many fields as you can duplicate these steps, you can multiply your business and entrepreneur powers to increase your financial base. You don’t have to be stuck in just your nine-to-five, Juice it up a little by taking on an extra source of income, and create a business today. To those of us business people that live by the seams of our pants, it’s time to become smart about it. You too can be a business success.       

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.


  1. adewuyi oluwatobbyloba14 June 2013 at 15:57

    Real life lessons. Thank you.Pkay
    what if i am not a good marketer, how do i sell my service

    1. Tobby, everyone can sell, just like everyone can make new friends. We may all have our different styles,flares and methods, but we all can sell. We may not all be able to do the conventional market 101, but you can freestyle and still get the job done. Start with your network of friends and family, those you are most comfortable with and build from there. Also there are a myriad of social media that can help you get your product out there. You don't need to be a professional marketer to do the job, just be very passionate about your product and you can't help but talk about it.

  2. Adweuyi,thank u its what if'u have nt tried it first.I use to have that phobia until I realise that I could .Brian tracy said in one of his books "sales superstar"as long as u lips can move,u can sell.All u need is master how u can and see it happen.You can start by appreciating some1 of hw good they did,hw beautiful they looked,how grt their work was.I tell u d truth,it works.Most importantly believe u can and see urself do it.
    To Kani,kuddos to this write up.U sure write well.

    1. Thank you friend for your compliment, you are right about using compliments as a marketing strategy, it works anyday,( it has worked now, I like you already).

  3. Thank u Kani. Eye opener indeed. I've always prided myself over 'not being the business type' but reading this article, i don't know... I work with an events company and is also a mixologist, the best btw (winks). My friends, family and even some of our clients have encouraged me to go out and start out my company but i have never thought twice about it. As a matter of fact, even my boss fears that i'll someday leave and says it sometimes. And i've always wondered, must everyone break out and start out alone? 'i'm not the business type' i would yell at my thoughts. Smh, i don't know. We'll see. Thanks for this, you finally got me thinking about it at least. But i'm not convinced yet though. (covering my face).

    1. Lol fumi! I understand your predicament, but my point is not for you to quit your job right this minute and start a company, my advice is to create an extra source of income, something added to what you're already doing. Eventually, if you are very good at what you do, and you feel you can do it differently than the way your present employer does it, you can branch out, but get all the experience you can gain first, and learn all you can learn before you think of branching out(half baked staff makes a rotten boss).

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