Behind My Eyelids

Pitch black!
I gradually become aware
Like a memory recalled,
Blank one minute, filled the next.

Total silence!
Like the feeling of being deaf,
Then I hear the birds, the street, the life around me.

The beauty of experiencing life afresh,
The miracle of passing from death to life,
The wonder of waking up in the morning.

I never take it for granted,
I never consider it mundane,
Its a miracle, and I'm grateful for it!

  I appreciate Him,
Thank and honor Him,
Who performs everyday,
The miracle of my waking up.

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Kanayo Aniegboka

Kani is a writer, entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker and an all-round knowledge junkie who likes to view life from different angles.


  1. i think about how many people that died in their sleep... Smh... It is just a miracle to open ur eyes in the morning

  2. i slept with my sister on the same bed. The next morning she was cold dead. She wasn't ill or anything. As a matter of fact, we talked till we drifted off to sleep. For a while after her death, i couldn't close my eyes to sleep. I was on sleeping pills for weeks unending. Today, i don't wake up without gratitude. U might not understand, but i relieve my sister's death every morning that i open my eyes. How can i not be grateful then? Sometimes i wish we didn't have to sleep, it is dreadful to close my eyes, not having any control. Not that i have control of my life otherwise, but at least i have d gift of choice when i'm awake but when i'm sleeping, i'm choiceless. I guess God gave us 'sleep' so we can appreciate his mercies more but sadly we do not realise that. We ignore the greatest miracle God performs on all our lives - waking up!

    1. Wow! funmi, u're a strong woman. I couldn't imagine going through that. Wow! The lord is ur strength. U'll keep waking up till u r satisfied with life.

    2. Amen! Thank u Frank. It could have only been God.

  3. Oh my God Fumi! That must have been very traumatizing. I am amazed when I hear of such experience, its life altering. I'm so glad it has made you appreciate life more,some others get bitter.Do you know the best part, appreciating life helps you live it better,and the best gift you can give your sister is to make the best of your life, everyday you have the privilege of waking up.

    1. Thank u! I'm glad i stumbled upon your blog on facebook. A friend liked ur page and i saw it on my timeline. I decided to check it out (it's boring in the office today). I'm glad i made the decision of clicking that link (i couldn't resist not with the cute picture of that baby). Anyway, ur articles are awesome, life changing, the one about the yardstick esp, so sad everyone that commented saw only the illustration but not the meaning behind the article, it led me back to 'the poor millionaire'. People see what they want in books, it's not just about reading them. U really r a great writer, there's something about the way u write that makes it sink. Not like the regular 'repent or die' articles but it's... (can't find the right words). I wonder r u a pastor? If yes, must b a cool one, if no, maybe u shld hv been. U made my day really. I'm going back to books i had read before to reread, i have to esp after 'poor millionaire'. Fyi, i've become ur most serious follower. Can't wait for ur posts now. What abt biz tips and kani how? U have no posts there

    2. sorry i went on and on. I usually can't stop once i get at it.

  4. Thank You so much Fumi for the compliment, i'm glad you like the write-ups, I promise to put up an introduction to biz tips today, always let me know what you think, i appreciate it.

    1. you're welcome. I sure will.

  5. you're welcome. I sure will.

  6. adewuyi tobbyloba13 June 2013 at 20:41

    Yes auntie funmi. U see when u ave experienced d feelings behind u being d last person dat saw someone before he/she slept and did not wake up d following morning,den u will know that closing your eyes to sleep can make u feel dead , if not dead itself. Its good to be thankful of each new day because,as my fwend would say" no be moimoi matter" na God.

  7. Life transforming